Day 4 – Why the Celery Juice?

When it comes to health I’m somewhat of a walking contradiction. I graduated with a molecular bio major and look up cell lifespan studies for fun in my freetime; but I also visit acupuncturists and first discovered I can’t eat wheat and gluten from a naturopath who saw my aura (it’s pink BTW). I don’t think science has made it to full understanding of our bodies so I fill in the gaps with anecdotes and hope and spirutual healers. Some of these ideas I got from a guy who hears things from a “spirit” in his ear. Some I got from that original naturopath. Some are from true MDs, allergists and scientific research. When ideas from those different outlets overlap, they stick with me. Overlap between the two camps is at the root of this cleanse.

The main reason I moved to this cleanse is to cure this problem with my throat. I have this constant feeling of a lump in my throat or something in my throat. This is a relatively new problem, too, so it can’t be a permanent problem. Over the last year it’s gotten worse. I figured it was mucous or post-nasal drip for a while but didn’t know what was triggering it. The naturopath recommended no dairy and to eat celery. I tried the no dairy thing but couldn’t really bring myself to incorporate celery into my routine. My throat got a little better, but not fully. Then I heard of this family friend who found out she was misdiagnosed with celiac and really had H. pylori the whole time. That made me super excited for the possibility to have things like pizza and beer again so I went to an allergist to see if I had some alternate infection or allergy causing these symptoms. He diagnosed my with laryngopharyngeal reflux due to vagus nerve stimulation  which is basically the hydrochloride acid in my stomach was rising into my throat. This is more than acid reflex though. The acid triggered my throat to generate a protective layer of mucous so that the acid wouldn’t destroy the esophogeal lining. At the same time I was reading this medicine man book about a guy who hears a voice he calls “spirit” explain the world’s hidden health problems and respective cures. I was skeptical to say the least, but he similarly described the problem of your stomach acid being out of sync and rising in the throat causing overt mucous production. He thinks it can stem from prior EBV infections (mono) and adrenal fatigue, both of which I’ve had. And circling it back to the naturopath, spirit’s cure is celery juice in the AM by itself to restore the stomachs hydrochloric acid levels.

So there you have it. The hippie and scientist in me triangulated with these experiences and I’m hoping for the best with this new cure!! That is stabilizing hydrochloric acids with the celery mineral salts. Just 1 stalk of celery has only about 6 calories but 32mg of sodium, 104 mg of potassium, 3% Vitamin A; 2% vitamin C, 1% Magnesium and Calcium. But the important part are the non-starch polysaccharides like apiuman and the phenolic antioxidants that recent research has shown to protect against inflammation in the digestive tract, particularly with the acid levels in the stomach that could lead to laryngopharyngeal reflux. And that is just 1 stalk. 16 oz of celery juice takes about 12-15 stalks.


This is how much celery I use for 16 oz of juice


Since yesterday started off in a no good rush, I figured I need to really see how long this whole celery and breakfast juice making business takes.

Here’s my morning timeline – Celery juice and the Breakfast juice prep and cleaning:

  • 6:20 – get everything out, pre-washed and cut
  • 6:22 – start juicing
  • 6:27 – Celery Juice done
  • 6:32 – Drank 1/2 of the celery juice, lay out the fruit and veggies for the breakfast juice, cut down to size
  • 6:38 – Done making breakfast juice and drinking celery juice. Set juice aside and start cleaning up
  • 6:49 – finished cleaning – go get ready for work


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  1. Lea Bittner says:

    Hi Alicia, did the celery juice help you? I have the book Medical Medium as well and started juicing celery…ive only done it 3 times…but wanted to see if it helped your Laryngeal Reflux, as i have the same thing…throat aches and voice is achey too.

    1. Alicia says:

      Hey Lea! It did help me. I have since stopped having celery juice every morning, but i do have it if my stomach or my thorat starts to hurt or get out of whack. Lemon water and not eating for at least 2 hours before bed also helped.
      I totally recommend the celery juice though!

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