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San Juan del Sur Restaurants

The number and variety of San Juan del Sur Restaurants are unexpectedly impressive. From falafel and craft beer to sushi and freshly farmed fish, SJDS has got your covered. You can even find organic smoothies, bulgogi, kimchi and a sick happy hour sauvignon blanc. First, the food Since you’re in Nicaragua, you’ll want to try the …

When travelling to San Diego, why not make a taco run from San Diego to Tijuana? Here's a quick guide on crossing the border by foot and finding tacos.

A Taco Run from San Diego to Tijuana

When I started travelling to San Diego for work there was one thing on my bucket list: Tijuana! Now I wasn’t looking for the OC version of driving down for all you can drink margaritas before you have a valid 21 yr ID, nor did I have any interest in some of the more sultry …


Eating My Way through Pra|gue|ga|ha

Recently a friend and I spent a lovely weekend in Prague before heading down south to Croatia. It was the perfect start to our  vacation. There was plenty to see in the city and it eased us into a relaxing holiday vibe. It always takes me a while to unwind so I prefer to start in …