Today we power drilled a coconut

 I really wanted something creamy. And I wanted something with some fat since I’ve had close to zero of that this week. The answer? A coconut. And then turning that coconut into real whole coconut cream. Yummmm!

And how do you get into a coconut when you don’t have a machete on hand? … A power drill! A power drill over and over until the shell cracks in half. Awesome.

To be fair, first we tried a butcher’s knife. That was a total fail:

Had a minor power drill fail at first, too. But then we got it and the power drill worked way better. It took quite a few holes to get the shell to split.

(Don’t worry – the drill bit was new and I washed it first 😋)

It turned out pretty delicious! I used the cream in a cauliflower asparagus ‘risotto.’ Best thing I’ve eaten all week!!

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