the Eat Fresh cleanse

fresher eating for healthier living

This is my journey on a cleanse in hopes to reverse or at least abate by food allergies. A series of events and a few books helped me spawn the idea that I could spend a few months really restricting my diet and healing my gut to possibly reverse my current food intolerance and negative reactions.

I’m hoping to reverse my food intolerances and allergies… or to at least learn a few new recipes, have better eating habits and feel healthier. I’ve been having quite a few of what I’ll call health hiccups: sore throats, lower energy, a nagging feeling that I can’t clear my throat, bad and very dry skin, and an overall unhappy GI tract. I think I’m too young to be falling apart like that and imagine there must be something holistic I can do to heal myself. I haven’t really dedicated myself to a drastically different eating plan and there’s a chance it can cure my ails. They say 75% of your immune system is in your gut… so I’ll start by healing that.

It’s fluid and has the potential to change. There are a few large goals that I hope to keep and a few smaller more flexible ones. If this works and my allergies to food are cured, expect to see lots of cheese laden recipes and cocktails on this page. If it doesn’t, maybe I’ll at least come up with some good tools to help bring my body back to a stasis after an indulgent meal or weekend.

It starts with these rules. We’ll see where it ends.

  • No Dairy, Corn, Soy, Gluten, Grains, Natural and/or artificial Flavors, alcohol, chocolate or caffeine
  • The first drink of the day will be Celery Juice – this is supposed to stabilize acid levels in the gut
  • Eat primarily raw fruits and vegetables. Don’t feel abashed about high-sugar fruits and veggies. Drink herbal naturally caffeine-free tree (peppermint, ginger, fennel etc).
  •   Juice a lot – the core ingredients should be apple, celery and cucumber. Apparently this is a good mix of electrolytes to keep you stable and stave off hunger
  • Track everything! Heal the gut and learn what I can about my digestive tract.

For more details on the specific meal plans, schedule, and diet plan go to The Plan Page.

TLDR… it’s all about the celery juice

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