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Why the Celery Juice? Is it worth the hype?

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Discover why celery juice can heal the gut, reduce GERD and make for an overall happier tummy. Plus, the best time to have celery juice for optimal impact along with the recipe and tips for reducing waste by reusing the pulp.

The main benefit of celery juice is that it can stabilize hydrochloric acids with the celery mineral salts. In simpler terms, it can stabilize the acid levels in the gut and symptoms like reflux which can irritate the throat.

Celery juice is also full of nutrients, hydrating, and a really refreshing way to start the day.

It’s known to help with GERD, reflex, the microbiome, increasing vegetable intake, and giving a boost of morning electrolytes.

Nutritional benefits of drinking celery juice & the recipe

Just 1 rib of celery has only about 6 calories but

  • 32mg of Sodium
  • 104 mg of Potassium
  • 3% Vitamin A
  • 2% Vitamin C
  • 1% Magnesium
  • Calcium
Celery Juice
Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay

But the important parts are the non-starch polysaccharides like apiuman and the phenolic antioxidants. Recent research has shown they protect against inflammation in the digestive tract, particularly with the acid levels in the stomach that could lead to laryngopharyngeal reflux.

And that is just 1 rib! 16 oz of celery juice takes about 12-15 ribs or one full stalk.

Make sure to buy organic as celery is in the dirty dozen list of vegetables most likely to be sprayed with pesticides.

Discover why celery juice can heal the gut, reduce GERD and make for an overall happier tummy. Plus, the best time to have celery juice for optimal impact.

  • 1 stalk celery (about 16 ribs)
  1. rinse and separate ribs of celery

  2. juice

  3. serve and enjoy!

Celery is one of the dirty dozen and often heavily dusted with pesticides. When possible, buy organic celery. 

Celery RIb
Image by Steven Bol from Pixabay

My personal discovery

When it comes to health I’m somewhat of a walking contradiction.

I graduated with a molecular bio major and look up cell lifespan studies for fun in my free time; but, I also visit acupuncturists and first discovered I can’t eat wheat and gluten from a naturopath who saw my aura (it’s pink BTW).

Scientific funding has not appreciated nutrition as much as it should have, and holistic studies on nutrition and chronic disease, while they exist, could be more prevalent. Sometimes, we have to lean to cultural understanding and trusting our own body when it comes to what food works best for us.

Celery juice is touted as a healing drink from a guy who hears things from a “spirit” in his ear. My original naturopath specifically recommended celery to heal the gut. Other recommendations for celery juice came from true MDs, allergists, and scientific research. When ideas from those different outlets overlap, they stick with me. The overlap between those two camps is at the root of my original elimination diet and the “why” behind the celery juice.

Why even start a cleanse?

The main reason I embarked on this cleanse is to cure a problem with my throat.

(you can now take a 5-day version of clean eating based off of that cleanse’s findings here)

A throat problem

I have this constant feeling of a lump in my throat or something lodged in my throat. This is a common symptom of GERD which is a gut disorder. This was a relatively new problem for me and I believed that since it came on so quickly it could not be permanent. In other words, I could fix this.

Over the last year, it’s gotten worse. After a while, I figured it was the mucous or post-nasal drip, but couldn’t identify the trigger.

A glass of celery juice

Triangulating a cure

The Naturopath

The naturopath recommended no dairy and to eat celery. I tried the no dairy thing but couldn’t really bring myself to incorporate celery into my routine. My throat got a little better, but not fully.

I needed something more, and I couldn’t seem to eat enough full celery.

The Friends’ Success Stories

Then I heard of this family friend who found out she was misdiagnosed with celiac and really had H. pylori the whole time. That made me super excited for the possibility to have things like pizza and beer again so I went to an allergist to see if I had some alternate infection or allergy-causing these symptoms.

So I went to the doctor.

The Doctor Visits

He diagnosed me with laryngopharyngeal reflux due to vagus nerve stimulation. That basically means the hydrochloride acid in my stomach was rising into my throat.

This is more than acid reflex though. The acid triggered my throat to generate a protective layer of mucous so that the acid wouldn’t destroy the esophageal lining.


The Books

At the same time, I was reading this medical medium book about a guy who hears a voice he calls “spirit” explain the world’s hidden health problems and respective cures. I was skeptical, to say the least, but he similarly described the problem of your stomach acid being out of sync and rising in the throat causing overt mucous production.

He thinks it can stem from prior EBV infections (mono) and adrenal fatigue, both of which I’ve had. And circling it back to the naturopath, spirit’s cure is celery juice in the AM by itself to restore the stomachs hydrochloric acid levels.

All Signs Pointed to Celery Juice!

So there you have it. The hippie and scientist in me triangulated with these experiences and I’m hoping for the best with this new cure!! That is stabilizing hydrochloric acids with the celery mineral salts.

It Worked!

My throat cleared and the burning sensation in the back of the throat went away.

Whenever my stomach feels unsettled or overactive, I’ll have a celery juice and I instantly feel the calming in my belly. The cool celery juice seems to neutralize an upset stomach.

And I love a good celery juice!

celery stalk buts
Image by Steven Bol from Pixabay


How to fit celery juice into your routine?

It sounds like a lot of work to juice celery every day. And since yesterday started off in a no good rush, I figured I need to really see how long this whole celery and breakfast juice-making truly takes each morning.

How to Drink Celery Juice: My Morning Timeline

Celery juice and the Breakfast juice prep and cleaning:

  • 6:20 – get everything out, pre-washed and cut
  • 6:22 – start juicing celery
  • 6:27 – celery juice done, lay out the fruit and veggies for the breakfast juice, cut down to size
  • 6:32 – drank 1/2 of the celery juice, begin juicing breakfast juice
  • 6:38 – Done making breakfast juice and drinking celery juice. Set juice aside and start cleaning up
  • 6:49 – finished cleaning – go get ready for work
  • Drink the breakfast juice after I’m otherwise ready for work

So it’s doable. And the results were good! My throat felt better. My tummy felt better and I felt like I was actually digesting my food better.

If you can’t fit this into your morning routine, try it before bed. The trick is to just have it on an empty stomach so it could be dessert after an early dinner or later lunch.

I don’t have celery juice every day anymore, but I do recommend at least starting with a daily routine to jump-start your body’s digestion and balance your acid levels. And if I’m feeling a little out of balance, I’ll have the celery juice for a few days to get back to normal. It’s better than tums and works just as fast.

Ribs of celery on a chopping board

This is how much celery I use for 16 oz of juice

Don’t have a juicer?

You can purchase a juicer if you determine that celery juice is something you want to make a part of your routine. If that’s the route you want to go, I recommend this Breville juicer which is the one I’ve used for several years.

Make it in a blender instead

And if not, that’s ok! You can make this in a blender, too.

Check out the recipe and pros and cons of making blender celery juice here.

For blenders, I recommend the ninja chef at this link. It has nearly the horsepower of a Vitamix at a fraction of the price!

I also use a nut milk bag to strain the pulp from the juice but you can just eat the pulp for extra fiber as well if you prefer.

What about the pulp?

You don’t have to trash the pulp. The pulp makes delicious fritters!

I love to make these fritters using the leftover celery pulp when using a juicer. Standard juicers leave pretty large chunks of celery in the pulp so these fritters will taste like celery, but like yummy fried fritter celery. They’re fantastic!

Modifictaions if you don’t like the taste of celery juice

Try adding cucumber, lemon, or ginger at first to get used to the taste and then switch over to straight celery juice.

And if you want to enjoy celery but aren’t really interested in the juice, try this soup.

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  2. After the celery juice, my throat felt irritated. It seems that this could be a positive response, like healing a place that was irritated. Is this a possibility?

    1. Hi Dee, that depends on the sensation. I at first started to notice how much my throat had been bothering me because the mucous was clearing away which made that sensation more prominent. But my belly felt soothed and my throat eventually healed. It could be your body adjusting. However, Celery is an allergy to some people, so listen to your body if it’s really not responding well. Celery is really great for a lot of people, but every body is different and the most important part of a clean eating journey is learning to listen to the signals your body gives. If it’s mild and you’re not allergic, try it for a few more days on an empty stomach and see if it’s still bothering you!

  3. I had began the celery juice cleanse 2 days before reading this article. I am on my 3rd day, I had to give it a try since I also have been suffering from digestive issues for many years. I will come back here and give my testimony of how this cleanse turns out.
    Have a blessed .l

    1. Great! I hope it works out well for you!! Are you liking it?

    2. Don’t forget to state who shouldn’t consume celery juice. For example, I can’t have it. I have ongoing kidney stones. When I eat celery my left kidney hurts a lot!

      1. Thanks Christine. And also people allergic to celery clearly shouldn’t drink it! How do you use diet to manage your kidney stones?

    3. Hey Juan, how’s it going? Hope you are feeling better after the mroning cup of celery juice!

  4. Hi Alicia,

    I’ve been dealing with stomach issues for awhile now. In March I visited the E.R. vomiting and pains in stomach. Well they referred me to a gastroenterologist.. fast fwd.. he wanted schedule gastrointestinal test well everything came back normal but I’m still having the same sy symptoms. I was prescribed medication after the procedure which I’m so against that. Now I’ve heard ppl speak about the celery juice but I’m really not a big fan eating stalks of celery so the thought of the juice.. I don’t know Alicia.. lol. I would love to read your input 😊.

    1. I’m definitely going to do this. The medicine I’ve been looking for. Thanks a lot.

      1. Hope you like it!

      2. Your welcome! There’s also the free celery juice challenge if you need help sticking with it for the first 30 days!!

    2. I love the juice and it really helped stabilize my stomach. I’m a huge believer in adjusting diet and lifestyle to improve intestinal health! I don’t know the specifics of your situation and I’m not a doctor so I can’t give specific advice, but celery juice can’t hurt and could help! Some other ideas are to do an elimination diet and see what’s causing you the most upset, do a food sensitivity test, and talk to an integrative or functional medicine doctor about how to improve your specific health. They can run lab tests and do a data driven approach, which I have also done and highly recommend!

      Let me know if you want more details on the elimination diet or a 5 day clean eating challenge and I can send those links 🙂

    3. Also, trust your gut and keep working until you find a solution! I’ve been given a lot of wierd and unspecific medication advice that just treats symptoms not root causes from the Docs over the years and for me it turned out to really be related to food: cutting out processed junk, packaged foods, sugar etc.

      I believe in a better future for your gut!

  5. Can we drink the celery juice including the polp…?

    1. You for sure can! Especially in the blended method, there is less pulp and it is finer than a typical juicer.

      I prefer the taste and texture with no pulp and then use the pulp to make fritters.

  6. Hi Alicia, did the celery juice help you? I have the book Medical Medium as well and started juicing celery…ive only done it 3 times…but wanted to see if it helped your Laryngeal Reflux, as i have the same thing…throat aches and voice is achey too.

    1. Hey Lea! It did help me. I have since stopped having celery juice every morning, but i do have it if my stomach or my thorat starts to hurt or get out of whack. Lemon water and not eating for at least 2 hours before bed also helped.
      I totally recommend the celery juice though!

      1. Alicia how long did you drink the daily celery juice for your reflux?

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