We believe that food can heal, sustainability matters and you can achieve true wellness while still leading the busy life you want.

Real Food

Real food is food in its natural form before processing and production. Think sweet potatoes, turnips, and white rice as opposed to packaged sweet potatoes fries and instant rice bowls.

It is food as it comes out of the ground or off the tree and it is the answer for cleaner food, reduced toxin exposure, and healthier bodies.

I go into what real food means more here.

Real People

We all have our busy lives and our own restrictions, be that time, money or patience. We want our recipes to work for all of you!

You’ll be surprised at how clean living can fit into your life with simple, modest tweaks.

Most recipes are designed so you can prepare them ahead of time or freeze them for later. Even slow-cooking soups that simmer for days have very little active time so you can enjoy life and enjoy your food.

And we find that cooking from scratch with real food is often more sustainable and better for the environment along with being cheaper and better for the pocketbook!

We also try to include substitution options in the recipes or their videos, but if you ever have questions, don’t hesitate to email us or leave a comment.

Real Easy

We believe that healthy living can fit into your life! You don’t have to turn into someone that exclusively eats green juice and cold kale salads to achieve wellness and you don’t have to slave all day over the stove.

The recipes are easy to make and our vision of health is easy to fit into your every day.

Some recipes are super easy to make with a handful of ingredients, some are ready in 5 minutes, and all of them are easier than you’d think. As you build the muscle around cooking, these will get even easier and you’ll be able to whip up a healthy clean dinner every night in 15 minutes or less! (if you want to).

A Mission-Driven Company

Here at Eat Your Way Clean, the mission is to save the planet (and its humans) one meal at a time. That includes you!

With the goal of making it easier to decipher what really is good for us and then make that available to everyone in society, Eat Your Way Clean donates 20% of all proceeds to charities and organizations working towards our shared mission. 

Give Back: 20% of proceeds go to:

  • Independent nutrition research
  • Support for sustainable farming practices like with A Growing Culture
  • Charities working to provide toxin-free textiles, furniture, beauty and hygiene products, and food to those in need
  • Organizations pushing for safe products in all of our stores and on our grocery shelves

Our Values

  • We believe that healthy eating can save the world or at least prevent and heal most health conditions that plague the modern western world while reducing environmental impact.
  • We believe that making the right choices with our food chain and related products can be a sustainable and affordable way to save the planet.
  • We don’t want another soul to go through life sick and tired when they could experience life with energy and full bodily capacity!

My Story

For years, I was sick and didn’t realize why. I’d have surgeries and more medication prescriptions but nothing helped. I had a weakened immune system and would always get hit hard with colds and whatever was going around.

It wasn’t until years later when I lived abroad and later visited a naturopath that I started to find wellness.

My world changed in so many amazing ways once I started fueling my body with real foods.

And that can happen for you too!

Read the whole story, and what I’ve learned, here: