1:1 Gut-Health Coaching

Everyone can FEEL BETTER when we stop chasing symptoms and instead HEAL ROOT CAUSES by connecting with and listening to our bodies’ unique needs. 

This program will be specific to you, and while we’ll target gut health, you’ll see whole-body results. 

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Does this sound like you?

Private individualized coaching helps you jump-start the healthier version of you! See if we're a good fit by scheduling an intro call below.

My coaching is for you, if you want to:

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What’s Included in 1:1 Coaching

Full History and Systems Analysis

Our systems are all integrated.

So what you might notice as fatigue,  acne, constant sickness, or GI distress might have a different root cause. 

Looking at your entire body and life holistically helps us see the whole picture so we can build a plan that actually works. 

Root Cause Review

Conventional medicine prefers to treat symptoms. Problem is, those symptoms are the warning bells your body is desperately throwing to grab attention to a deeper imbalance. 

Root cause review helps us understand what is causing the myriad of symptoms so we can work on deep healing. 

At your own pace education

In addition to our one-to-one coaching, you will have access to my additional educational content supplemental to the personalized coaching. This gives you an opportunity to educate yourself on inflammation, root cause, functional medicine and the healing powers of nutrition and lifestyle. 

The whole goal is empowering you to better understand your body and its needs so you can make better choices for you. 

Implementing change into your real life

It’s not enough to just hear what we need to do, we need strategies that actually work in our actual lives to get it done.   

Eating better and living healthier looks different for everyone based on their unique needs, wants, likes, and specific health concerns.

Together, we’ll build a tailored plan that really works for you. 

What People are Saying

How it Works!

This is a quick overview of the coaching process. 

Step 01

Free Introduction

~ 45 min zoom call

This is where we dive deep into your health history, current issues, and goals.

This sets the foundation for our time together and ensures we can build a  customized strategy to meet your individual goals.

You’ll also learn what working with me will be like and we can decide if it’s a good fit. 

Step 02

Establishing Baseline

~2 weeks

To go up, we have to know where we’re starting from.

 Sometimes we don’t really see current patterns until we write them down!

I love seeing the patterns of seemingly unrelated challenges and symptoms. 

I’ll provide all the tools to help establish this baseline. 

Step 03

Personalized Coaching

3 months

This is the good stuff! 

By the end of this time, you will have learned how to listen to your body and discovered the things that make it thrive! As well as the things that can trigger symptoms. 

We’ll meet twice a month to review progress, tweak your personalized plan,  address any questions, and make sure you have everything you need to reach your goal!

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Who would you be working with?

Hi, I'm Alicia

I want to help you Create a Better Normal!

Healer, Mindfulness and Gut-Health Coach, Fur-Mama, and Lover of Life!

I want you to dance, sing, spin around with joy, and basically feel great all day every day! I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin and physical form.

More importantly – I want you to understand the language of your body so you can continually adapt and adjust to life’s demands while thriving!

That’s why I share strategies to get that energized healthy life.  

I’ve lived this journey and come out stronger on the other side. I’ve studied molecular biology, immunology, nutrition, mindfulness, and functional medicine so you don’t have to. 

Let’s dive deep to find root-cause solutions that get you lasting results!

Cheers to a life full of health, love, and joy.

I felt like I was eating a pretty healthy diet – no fast food, rarely going out, and a protein and a vegetable for each meal – but I still wasn’t feeling well and needed to figure out how to feel like “me” again. Within 5 days of Alicia’s plan for me, I was already energized more than I had been in the previous 6 months. The lethargy was gone. I hadn’t noticed a few bad habits slowly slipping in over time, and Alicia helped me identify them and get on the right track again.

~ Melissa - Personal Coaching and Elimination Diet Client

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