Updated Plan – Month 2

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Per the food emotion breakdown, I started to listen to my body and accelerated the plan to include more nutrients. I added quite a few things in week 4 at a faster pace than I would have liked, but it was important to get the extra nutrients in those foods and regain my sanity.  I also wanted to leave more leeway in this month in case I unexpectedly react to something negatively and need to make changes.

Here is the New Plan:

  • Week 1::   Only fresh raw fruits and veggies, no nightshades, no avocado. Nothing in a can or a box. No caffeine, alcohol, chocolate etc. + Celery juice {16 oz} first thing every AM.
  • Week 2::   Week 1 + avocado and bone broth (homemade only)
  • Week 3::   + chili pepper and and seeds (one type at a time//hemp)
  • Week 4::   + olive oil + sweet potato and potato + fresh fish + carob powder + Almonds start cooking a few meals per week. Start including an occasional glass of wine. Alternate Celery juice with lemon water, ginger tea, etc. 
  • Week 5::   + pasture raised meat + eggs + decaf coffee + cashews + sesame seeds
  • Week 6::   + Legumes + tomato + other seeds and nuts
  • Week 7::   + pork + cooked peppers + caffeine
  • Week 8::   + additional seeds + additional legumes
  • Week 9::   + chilies + eggplant
  • Week 10:: +  raw beets + raw zucchini


Based on the negative reactions I’ve had so far, these foods were taken back out and will be tried later after my gut has had more time to heal

  • hemp seeds
  • raw beets
  • raw zucchini
  • raw jalapeno pepper
  • basil

Continue to add these foods back in one by one, noticing any positive or negative reactions:

  • corn
  • basil
  • bell peppers
  • raw jalapenos
  • hemp seed
  • sugar

Eventually, when the gut feels stable, very cautiously test these trigger foods:

  • rice
  • quinoa
  • cheese
  • cream
  • plain yogurt
  • edamame
  • tamari
  • chocolate/cocao
  • GF Beers


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I love cooking almost as much as I love eating so I try to make sure I feel good about what I'm eating. I believe it's always a good occasion for some bubbly and I also love feeling healthy and being outdoors. I try to buy, cook and eat whole nutritious foods that promote a fun active lifestyle.

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