Day 24 -Moving Forward

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It’s been about 5 days since I readjusted the plan, and after making things so much more inclusive ad flexible, I’m having trouble sticking to it. I feel upset that it isn’t working the way I wanted, like I’m doing it wrong or it’s not worth it. Skipping 1 week of Raw should not be a gateway drug to skipping the entire last 2 months. I should be able to listen to the gentle cues from my body and incorporate tweaks without derailing the system. I need to get back on a schedule and follow through with the rest of the plan.

The difficult part is finding a way to listen to what my body is telling me it needs without giving into the wants. These can sometimes be confusing signals. It’s not like we are evaluating whether my body NEEDS heroin or I just WANT heroin. That is obviously a clear-cut case that nothing in my body would need that.  We are debating whether I should eat meat or potatoes or peppers. Its hard to distinguish a craving from a body’s signal. It’s hard to distinguish so-called detox symptoms (whose existence themselves are debatable) from true signs of an unbalanced and non-functional diet.

So here we go. New-found commitment. New-found strategy, and hope for healing my immune system and digestive system. I have an updated plan more in line with my original goals to avoid clear triggers like wheat, dairy and soy and to bring in potentially harmful foods 1 at a time, but maybe not 3.5 days apart.  I also have a plan for foods that have a bad reaction. My previous plan kind of banked on no negative reactions for the first 5 weeks because I needed the nutrients in the foods I was adding back in. This new system allows more flexibility to maintain nutrients and cut something out if there is a negative reaction. For example, my first bad reaction was after eating raw zucchini, basil and jalapeno. So I can now take those out to add back in later after reaching a true healthy stasis. I also reacted poorly to hemp seeds. The three days I was eating hemp seeds were my three worst days. So those are out as well. As I identify possible trigger foods I’ll remove them from the every-day and add them to a list for future testing. When I get to that stage I’ll do a more targeted form of elimination testing: remove just 1 certain food for 2 weeks and then bring it back in different forms to test reactions (raw, cooked, small doses, high quantities, etc).

So for now, I’m back to some of the early cleanse basics rotating in with some newer foods that reacted well. I started off with 2 bananas and some raspberries drenched in cold whipped coconut milk and naturally caffeine free cinnamon rooibos tea. This is becoming one of my favorites. It’s filling and packed with glucose for the brain, but doesn’t trigger hunger hours later.

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