Baths are my new red wine

There are these food related experiences that bring me zen. Working or reading alongside a perfect cappuccino and GF pastry in a cozy local coffee shop. A glass of wine with a friend to unwind and digest the day or week. Brunch as a celebration of living in an urban city and having nothing but fun on Sunday. I’m only two weeks in, but I find myself not missing the food itself as much as the experiences that come along with the food. I don’t particularly want a glass of wine, but I would like that peaceful chatter that goes with it.

And isn’t that the common struggle with people trying to change their eating habits? Whether it’s for weight loss or other health reasons, the change of habit is what gets us, what sends us back into old patterns. So we need to make new habits. Don’t they say the easiest way to cure addiction is to replace it?

Since red wine is out, I’ve found myself taking lots of baths. It’s warm and relaxing and I can read or watch Netflix on my iPad, escaping the work week and my responsibilities. And hey, Epsom salts are cheaper than a nice Pinot.

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