Being gluten free doesn't mean you have to go without this holiday season. These delicious gluten free cookies that will rival the gluten-filled versions.

The best Gluten Free Christmas Cookies to impress your favorite gluten eaters

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Being gluten free doesn't mean you have to go without this holiday season. These delicious gluten free cookies that will rival the gluten-filled versions.Being gluten free doesn’t mean you have to go without this holiday season. These delicious gluten free christmas cookies will rival the gluten-filled versions.


I still remember my first convert. It was a business colleague who always made it clear he was a big fan of gluten.

“I’ll have extra gluten on mine” or “Everything must taste awful” or “ug… gluten-free cookies?!?”

At the time we were testing lots of recipes for Grain Free Planet, so I brought some extra cookies to our Friday team meeting. I arrived before him so he didn’t know who brought them.

He dug in.

I waited… expectantly.

He devoured not 1, not 2, but 3 cookies! Then we told them they were gluten free. He looked doubtful and had another before proclaiming that these were some of the best cookies he had ever tried! That included all the gluten-filled cookies of his past.

It remains one of my favorite moments of working at that place. haha.

All this is to say, holiday cookie exchanges and parties don’t have to be a time for suffering through less-than cookies and desserts. Gluten Free Cookies can impress!

Why bother with gluten free cookies?

If you can make something delicious that allows more people to participate in the festivities, why not? 6 out of every 100 people could have gluten sensitivity, so chances are someone at your party will be appreciative.

Whether you have food intolerances and are attending a party or you are free to eat whatever but have guests with dietary restrictions, this list is for you! Delicious gluten free cookies that your gluten free friends will appreciate and your gluten-loving friends will also enjoy.

The bonus of all these good cookies is you’ll feel better the next day. A sugar rush gives a gnarly hangover, and these are baturally sweet so they have reduced added and refined sugars. Each has an options to be completely refined sugar free.


Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

I’ve collected some of my favorite gluten free Christmas cookies from around the internet here for your enjoying pleasure.

Every recipe is gluten free and most are dairy free and refined sugar-free. If not naturally free of dairy and sugar, I’ve listed my recommended substitutions to make them a little healthier.


Casserole Cookies by Go Dairy Free

Because we can all use a little extra time around the holidays. Go for the coconut sugar to make these refined sugar free. Yum!

Nutty Almond Pecan Cookies by Go Dairy Free

It can be difficult to get some of the classics when you are dairy and gluten free. But Go Dairy Free does a great job with these Almond Shortbread style cookies. I love how she uses nuts and applesauce for sweetness.


Elvis Cookies by Eat Your Way Clean

Because it’s nice to have a break from chocolate every once in a wild. So why not replace that with bacon. 🙂 Elvis inspired cookies with PB, honey, banana, and bacon makes a good addition to a holiday basket.

Elvis Cookies Recipe - a healthy, clean 4 ingredient cookie recipe inspired by Elvis Presley's favorite sandwich. Peanut butter, bacon, banana and honey = quick, easy, healthy, fun.


Gluten Free Pfeffernusse by Fearless Dining

Because I just want to say Pfeffernusse at a party. Dust with desiccated coconut instead of sugar and use coconut oil or cacao butter instead of butter to make these Paleo.


1 bowl Ginger Cookies by Minimalist Baker

What’s Christmas time without some ginger cookies? Minimalist baker’s recipes never disappoint and I love that this only requires one bowl. Because we all need extra time during the holidays.


Masala Chai Fudge Squares by Eat Your Way Clean

Chai flavored coconut chips on rich fudgy chocolate squares spiced with masala flavors. Now if that doesn’t scream holiday cheer I don’t know what does. Don’t mind me while I grab a plate of these and watch Elf on repeat in front of the fire.

Chocolate Masala Fudge squares take cinnamon, cardamom fudge to the next level. Packed with ginger, dates, and coconut - this decadent treat is healthy!


Healthy No Bake Chocolate Walnut Cookies by What the Fork

THere’s no holiday indulgence guilt with these cookies. Healthy enough for all year and yummy enough for the season.


Cacao Coconut Cashew Balls by The Tasting Page

Again.. I’m not sure if these are a better fit for a pre-workout boost int he mornings or for that office holiday party? Delicious and nutritious? That’s a winning combo this time of year.


No Bake Coconut Cookies by Whole New Mom

Adrienne calls these coconut delights, and I think she’s on to something. These are truly delightful. I avoid all processed foods, including low carb sweeteners so  I recommend replacing the sweetener with honey or maple to make a real food version.


Magic Bars by Eat Your Way Clean

These Magic bars are kind of like 7 layer bars, but only full of real food goodness. All natural flavors and super easy to make. A great cookie to share.

Magic Bars Recipe - The perfect goey chocolate and caramelly bar that's actually healthy! Gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free! yes please


Gluten Free Shortbread Cookies by Wholesome Yum

Shortbread cookies are one of those things that’s hard to make gluten free, so I was super excited to try these! Use coconut sugar for a real foods version of this recipe.


Two Step Truffles by Allergylicious

Let’s get real. Truffles are the best holiday treat. Better than fudge and chocolate covered nuts. And they are way better in this simple to make and healthy version from Nicole. I prefer to just use the cocoa powder and coconut and skip the sugar and GF pretzels, but I’m pretty sure any crushed topping would be great. Pistachios anyone?


Tahini Fudge by Eat Your Way Clean

Because it isn’t a holiday without fudge. This easy recipe has few ingredients and is actually good for you! No marshmallow fluff here.


Christmas in My Mouth Cookies by Gluten Free with Emily

Doesn’t the name just say it all? Like yes please… I do want all the Christmas goodness right now thank you. No modification needed to this bad boy.


Grain Free Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies by Gluten Free Palette

These only have 5 ingredients, are simple to make, and reminiscent of the classics. They are refined sugar free, too! Just don’t dust them with sugar.


Meyer Lemon Chocolate Bark by Gluten Free with Emily

While technically not a cookie, bark is always welcome in my holiday gift baskets. And I love the idea of meyer lemon with lots of nuts and seeds.

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Being gluten free doesn't mean you have to go without this holiday season. These delicious gluten free cookies that will rival the gluten-filled versions.

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