Sustainability Ideas that Double-Up for your Health

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It’s Earth Week, and to celebrate the spirit of the holiday I’m bringing together some of my favorite articles that share the overlap between building a healthy life and a sustainable one.

Because I’ve found that when we are a little kinder to Mama Earth, we tend to see benefits in our body and pocketbook as well.

These tips are meant to be small tweaks to incorporate into your current lifestyle. Pick one or two and see how you feel after making the changes!

As Anne-Marie Bonneau said, we don’t need a few people practicing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing zero waste imperfectly.

women holding a growing plant
Photo by Nikola Jovanovic on Unsplash

9 Ways to embody sustainability while also reducing toxin exposure and improving your health

You know I’m mostly interested in our health and how food and lifestyle impact that, but I don’t think we can reach true health without considering the health of our environment.

The land, air, and water that make up this earth heavily influence our ability to stay healthy.

  • Healthy vibrant soil is required to grow nutrient-rich plants.
  • Animals then feed off those plants and either become nutrient-rich meat sources or bioaccumulate toxicants.
  • The water quality affects our health directly from the water we drink and also through impacting the quality and contamination levels in our seafood.

Plus, it’s nice for our mental health to live in a world with a beautiful thriving environment and fewer extreme weather situations.

This is all to say, I try to incorporate sustainability into my healthy eating habits and it’s often rather easy because the healthiest option often overlaps with the cheapest and most sustainable option.

If that sounds cool, you’ll like these tips:

Bringing sustainability and low-tox living to the kitchen

A healthier and more sustainable home

General Health and Sustainability

A Couple Treats to celebrate

Moringa, an amazing and highly nutritious leafy green from the tropics that’s great in risotto, beautifully colors these white and green chocolate moons and cheesecakes. Learn more about the Moringa tree here.

I know these are moons and suns, but the green and white coloring has me thinking they are pretty earth-like and still a good way to celebrate. I bet you could find really cool earth molds too!

Mini Moringa Cheesecakes with White Chocolate Moons on blue background

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