Hi, I’m Alicia Pope!

I’m a nutritionist, microbiologist, and mindfulness coach on a mission to prevent unnecessary suffering by HEALING THE GUT with real food!

Through decades of battling my own chronic disease and helping others do the same, I’ve found that flexibility in health comes with a deep understanding of self. 

Gut Health affects all other aspects of health: hormonal, mental, and energetic health!

You can learn what your UNIQUE body needs, and how to fuel it with nourishing and tasty food in any situation, whether at a client dinner or touring Nepal.

Through gut health, nutrition, lifestyle, and stress reduction, I partner with humans to build a life full of vitality and free of pain. 

No one should have to feel like being sick is a normal state of being! Because there is another way: a way of wellness.

Let’s build that VIBRANT life together! 

More About Me