Healthier White + Dark Chocolate Moons

Dark and White Chocolate moons and suns pinit

This recipe is for you if you’re looking for healthy white chocolate not stuffed with processed milk, unhealthy oils, and too much sugar? Instead, this white chocolate recipe leans on the original main ingredient from white chocolate: raw cocoa butter.

The only other two ingredients in the white chocolate are maca root powder and coconut butter. Mixed with melted dark chocolate and hardened in sun and moon molds, these make an awesome and healthier sweet snack.

White and Dark Chocolate Sun and Moon Molds

🍽 Equipment: Turning the Chocolate into Beautiful Suns and Moons

Making gorgeous chocolates is all about the molds. I saw these silicone moon molds and had to have all the varieties. They are so adorable. Who doesn’t want dark and white chocolate suns and moons?

I used a combination of all three of these molds: sun and moona baby sitting on the moonand the sun and stars together.

dark and white chocolate in four different sun and moon molds

💭 Top tip: Start with the White Chocolate

The first step is to pour the freshly made white chocolate into the molds. Pouring the white chocolate first will mean that white chocolate is the top layer on the finished chocolates.

Once the white chocolate is combined and cooled to the touch, pour a little bit into the molds. You will want to make sure that you can still see the bottom of some of the molds so that the second layer of dark chocolate will still show through.

Place the molds with white chocolate into the fridge to set for about 10 minutes.

♻️ Variations

You can make different colors! Alter the white chocolate for multiple holiday occasions.

  • Blue: use butterfly pea flower powder instead of maca root
  • Green: use moringa instead of maca root
  • Red: Use beet powder instead of maca root

Layer the multiple colors

I think this works best when you split the white chocolate in half, coloring one half and then using the remaining white as is.

  • Colored White Chocolate
  • White Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate

📖 Substitutions

Maca and cardamom are optional here.

The maca adds a little extra structure. The cardamom has a little bit of flavor and also gives some structure.

If you prefer you can omit or substitute with other pale powders like coconut milk powder.

🥗 Pairings

These moons go great on top of mini cheesecakes. They work almost like a frosting and add such great texture!

Try the pumpkin cheesecakes with these on top for an amazing fall treat.

White and Dark Chocolate Sun and Moon Molds falling off of a plate


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What Makes White Chocolate?


Making the White Chocolate

  1. Making homemade white chocolate is incredibly simple. All you have to do is melt the ingredients together over low heat and whisk until mixed.

  2. It is important to use very low heat and not overcook the mixture as it will burn quickly. Turn off the heat and let it cool for about half a minute before pouring into the molds.

Finish with the Dark Chocolate

  1. While the white chocolate is hardening in the fridge, melt the dark chocolate. You'll want to choose high-quality dark chocolate, ideally with more than 80 to 85% chocolate. That will balance out the white chocolate.

    My favorite is Theo's 85% dark chocolate bars.

  2. Melt in a double-broiler or in the microwave in short 20 second intervals, making sure to stir constantly or between each microwave interval. You want to stir the chocolate to spread out the heat and use the already melted chocolate to melt the rest of it.

  3. Be careful not to overcook the chocolate. The best way to get the perfect chocolate consistency and temperature is to use the warm chocolate to melt the remaining unmelted chunks by stirring it. In other words, don't heat the chocolate to the point where the chocolate is fully melted or bubbling.

  4. Remove the molds with hardened white chocolate from the fridge. Pour the melted dark chocolate on top to the level you want the finished chocolate, about 1/3 of an inch thick. Then place the molds with both types of chocolate in the fridge to harden for about 20 minutes.

    Remove the chocolate from the molds, serve, and enjoy!

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