Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs – Make your Own Food Dyes with Food!

I feel like food dye is most commonly found in frosting, and I just don’t make that much frosting. I’m gonna go ahead and call that a good thing, but ever since I saw a food network show with blueberry dyed frosting, I’ve been dying to try it. Plus, now that I’ve detoxed my life and cut…

Beet and Dandelion Flatbread 

Some background on how we got to a cheese-less, gluten-free pizza: I love pizza! We aren’t talking a slice of cheese and pepperoni here. We are talking all the toppings, loaded with broccoli, everything on it, pizza masterpieces. It’s one thing to find those amazing delicacies when you just take out the gluten, but taking…

Awesome Kale Green Sauce!

We could all use more greens, am I right? Why not sneak ’em in where you’d least expect them? Like pizza sauce or a salad dressing! That’s right, this  Awesome Kale Green Sauce is just that… a sauce packed with delicious nutritious greens that you can sneak into your not-quite-as-healthy meals to give them that something extra….

Apple Tart with Drop Cookie Crust

Freestyle baking requires being ok with things not turning out exactly how you intended. But that’s the trade-off for stumbling into delicious new creations you never expected. That is the beauty of freestyle baking, and that is the story behind this apple tart with drop cookie crust recipe. As always, this recipe is gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free. There’s also a vegan options and as long as you can dice and stir, you should be able to master it 🙂

Greek Lemon Hummus Soup

Have you ever made too much hummus and not known what the heck to do with it? I mean, there’s only so much crudite a girl can eat. Here’s how you can turn that extra hummus into soup – Greek Lemon Hummus Soup to be exact. 🙂 One of my favorite soups is this Greek…

Indoor S’Mores – Cleaned Up Recipe

The anticipation of roasted marshmallows with melty chocolate around the fire is enough to make me skip out of work and build a mini fire in my backyard. But then I’m always disappointed by the fact I have to chug a whole bottle of water to wash down the intense amount of sugar. Not. Any….

Healthy Creamy Chip Dip

There were stretches in college when I practically lived off chips and salsa. We would go to this one bar happy hour on Tuesdays where one margarita got you access to  all you can eat chips, salsa, cheese dip and bean dip – and that would be dinner! My how times have changed! Though I…

What I Learned from 1 Year of Clean Living

Today is the anniversary of my journey to wellness through clean eating and intentional living. Today Marks 1 Year of Clean Living! Looking Back There’s plenty to reflect upon on this one year anniversary: where I started, where I am now, and what I’ve learned.  I started this new adventure on January 11 last year….

Masala Chai Fudge Squares

Chocolate fudge is always a delicious treat… but chocolate masala chai fudge squares? Those are even MORE amazing! The warming flavors of ginger, clove, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg transform these amazing fudge squares into a next level treat.  It’s like warm chai tea with sweet ginger cookies and dark chocolate squares all in one. Dinner…

The 4 Best Kitchen Gadgets for the Healthy Foodie

What do you get for the healthy foodie? Outside of gift certificates to their favorite restaurants, kitchen utensils are an awesome choice that they are sure to love! These four tools will make it easy for every healthy foodie to make zoodles and green sauce to their heart’s content. The 4 Best Kitchen Gadgets for…

Falafel Bowls with Roasted Squash, Avocado and Harissa Hummus

Falafel bowls are an amazing and savory alternative to a salad, yet just as healthy and easy as a salad. It’s great for a large group with different dietary restrictions (or picky eaters!) because you can make it exactly to order.  And… it’s an awesome way to use up leftovers in the fridge because you…

Sprouted Harissa Hummus

Have you heard of Harissa? No? Well then prepare to have your mind… and taste buds… BLOWN with this Sprouted Harissa Hummus Recipe. Harissa is a north african red pepper spice mix with a smokey earthy flavor. It’s base is roasted red japone peppers and usually has garlic, salt, coriander, cumin and caraway. Its delicious…

Mint Chutney

Mint Chutney Recipe: 6 ingredients and 5 minutes

Bone Broth over Winter Greens (vegan option) 

Bone broth is excellent for your health and your gut, so it is a perfect meal to get your system back on track after a little over indulgence. It’s actually really easy to make as long as you can throw leftover bones into a pot with water and turn on the stove. Plus it’s an…

11 of the best healthy pumpkin recipes

Pumpkin season usually means pumpkin pies, lattes, whipped cream and sugar hangovers. But not this year! There are tons of absolutely amazing ways to enjoy pumpkin with no sugar, dairy or grain at all! From soups and curries to no bake bites, see how these awesomely creative and healthy pumpkin recipes can improve your holiday season….