peanut buttery chocolate banana cake – personal-sized

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I often find myself craving chocolate. mostly on stressful work days. I know – healthier releases besides food. But back to chocolate…

Sometimes a piece of perfectly roasted dark chocolate just doesn’t hit the spot. I need something… doughier.

Cookie dough, brownie dough, dense chocolate fudgy cakes. Something along those lines

This, my friends, is for those moments. This is all stuff I typically have on hand so I can make it whenever the craving strikes. And it’s pretty good for you in the scheme of desserts. Let’s think of it as a deconstructed banana in peanut butter chocolate dip.

It is quick, only requires one bowl, and doesn’t leave you needing to host the neighbors or a party to get the leftovers out of your house.

peanut buttery chocolate banana cake – personal-sized


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  1. Preheat oven to 350

  2. Mix everything but the kombucha in a small ramekin, adding the banana last
    using a fork, and gently mash all ingredients together until they form a thick paste. It will be pretty thick at this point

  3. Add the Jun and mix in slowly, until evenly incorporated

  4. Bake for 15- 20 minutes until edges are slightly firm. Note - this cake will not be a firm fluffy cake. it will be a moist, rich, fudgy cake 🙂

  5. Top with berries or fresh mint and enjoy! or just devour plain


Also, this contains very little sugar, just the sweetness from the banana and the honey. If you eat a decent amount of refined sugar, consider doubling the honey. Also, see my guide to cutting refined sugar and retraining your tastebuds here.


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