Homemade Vegetable Broth

Many a recipe calls for stock or broth. The typical go-tos are chicken broth or beef broth. But you can make just as tasty a broth using only plant-based materials. Think of it like a tea, only savory. You can put any herbs and vegetables into the stock that will complement your recipe or your mood. The one below is a pretty standard and traditional broth and can be used in just about anything but is particularly good for Italian dishes. Now, they sell this at the store in boxes and cans, but your likely to get a whole slew of unwanted ingredients like MSG and preservatives.

 This is also incredibly scaleable. Depending on the amount of stock you need, you can just up the quantity of the ingredients. The instructions below assume a normal quart pan on the stove top.

active time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 30 minutes


  • carrot (1/2 per liter water, sliced)
  • celery (1 stalk per liter water sliced
  • garlic (1 clove per liter of water)
  • onion (1 2″ cube per liter of water)
  • rosemary (1 tsp per liter water)
  • thyme (1 tsp per liter water)
  • salt and pepper (tsp each per liter of water)


  • place all ingredients in the pot
  • simmer on medium low heat until small boil begins and broth is colored

Walah. You are done! Easy peesy. Now add it to anything! Mexican tortilla soup, cauliflower alfredo sauce, or just drink it in the a.m. for a savory nutritious start to your day.

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