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About Course

Want to learn the science and strategy behind going Gluten Free so you get real results?

I made this course to share the science and strategy behind not only going gluten free, but healing the gut so you can thrive!!!

What Will You Learn?

  • What is and isn't gluten-free?
  • Understand what is and isn't gluten-free
  • Where gluten might be hiding in common and unexpected foods?

Course Content

Gluten and Gut Health Overview
Before we talk about healing the gut and eating gluten free, learn how gluten impacts the body and the basics of gut health.

  • Course Introduction
  • How to prepare
  • Healthier Gluten-Free Course Introduction Video
  • What to Expect

First Module: What has gluten done to you?!
Before fixing a problem, we have to really understand it.

Module 2: Ok, so what can I eat now that I’m GF?
Today is probably the day you've been waiting for. This is where we learn what we can actually EAT now that we are gluten free. And how to eat naturally gluten free meals that nourish our body and foster health. Just as importantly, we'll discuss how to recognize gluten so you can steer clear of it.

Module 3: How to undo the damage gluten’s done and heal your gut once and for all!
Today we are going to deep dive into the mechanisms that heal your gut and learn about certain foods that can expedite that process! This is the most important step of the healing process and critical to overcoming the damage and regaining your health.

Module 4: Navigating the restaurant scene gluten-free
Today we talk strategies to navigate the restaurant scene now that you're a gluten-free diner! So find your inner confidence and jump in!

Module 5: Managing the mental and emotional journey of this transition
This journey is about so much more than simply changing what you eat. It is reconnecting with your body, taking back control of your health, and learning to advocate for yourself in new and sometimes challenging ways. Don't forget to take care of your heart and soul while on this journey for better physical health. Remember, they're all connected!

Thanks so much for joining the course and dedicating your precious time to learn more about navigating this new gluten-free world.

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