Private Consultations

Eat Your Way Clean offers private consultations to help you jump start the healthier version of you! Clean eating and clean living is a life-style change, and it should be approached as such. Many life style changes require customization and personalization to truly be effective. In our private consultations we will work directly with you to tailor a specific program that works for you. that way you’re more likely to stick with it!

There are two options to choose from. Please reach out with any questions using the contact form below.

Pantry Makeovers

When you start with a good foundation, the rest of the building comes easily

An organized pantry is the first step towards better meals. A pantry with clear, healthy options will literally make it easier for you to see the healthier options for your meals, which will translate into a healthier you! If the predominant choices in the pantry are good for you, you are more likely to cook with things that are good for you. It’s simple.

In these consultations we will go through your current staples and make minor adjustments and tweaks so that you can live a generally healthier life. The goal is to take your current trends and favorites and find a way to make them just a little bit healthier, as that way you are more likely to stick with the changes. We are able to customize this experience based on any diet or allergies including gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo, nut free and vegan.

Optionally, in a subsequent session, I offer at-home visits to personally review, clean, re-shop and re-organize your pantry. In these sessions we will execute the plan above as a team, including lessons on how to properly store dry goods and staples for the grocery list.

Healthy Eating for the Road Warrior

Healthy doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, and there is balance to be found out on the road

Travelling is hard on the body, and part of that is because the options to eat can seem so, well, limited. It doesn’t have to be that way! As a road warrior myself and a die-hard healthy personal chef, I know the tricks to eat healthier on the road. Whether that’s storing a blender in my work duffel or making the most of an unhealthy free breakfast buffet, there’s always room to be healthier.

Whether you travel for fun or are in a different place every week for work, there are ways to improve your eating habits on the road. We will start with a personal consultation to review your travel schedule, current habits, and goals. Then I will take that information and create a customized plan to clean up your travel routine. In our second session we will work together to review the plan and make sure its a good fit for you. This will include recipes, meal ideas and personalized tricks for your travel schedule.

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