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Our goal and core belief at Eat Your Way Clean is that everyone can feel better and live a full life with nourishing good food and some lifestyle tweaks!

Personalized Coaching

I offer private consultations and coaching to help you jump-start the healthier version of you! 

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Are you in a rut or feeling low energy?

Perhaps you're feeling sluggish, congested, or exhausted and can't seem to kick that feeling and feel WELL?!

Maybe there are some foods that tear your stomach apart and you can't figure out what is happening or WHY.

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I felt like I was eating a pretty healthy diet - no fast food, rarely going out, and a protein and a vegetable for each meal - but I still wasn't feeling well and needed to figure out how to feel like "me" again. Within 5 days of Alicia's plan for me, I was already energized more than I had been in the previous 6 months. The lethargy was gone. I hadn't noticed a few bad habits slowly slipping in over time, and Alicia helped me identify them and get on the right track again.

Melissa personal coaching and elimination diet client 

1:1 coaching is great for:

Elimination Diets

Building Long Term Habits that Actually Work 

Pantry Makeovers 

Healthy Eating for the Road Warrior

Group Coaching Courses

For instant support on your schedule, sign up for one of our courses. These are a more affordable option to get loads of information to jumpstart your health and you get instant access!

What Others Say


This course breaks all that down for you. It makes you feel prepared and excited for your new lifestyle with so many suggestions of foods you can eat


After 2 weeks of implementing your sleep hygiene recommendations, I'm sleeping through the night and able to reduce my sleeping pills! Thanks!


I finally have energy again! I'd forgotten what it felt like to be energized enough to actually do stuff in my day. And I even got used to the celery juice taste :)

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Alicia Pope

Healer, Health Coach, Fur-Mama, and Lover of Life!

I want you to dance, sing, spin around with joy and basically feel great all day everyday! Here I share strategies to get that energized healthy life and what I've learned on the wellness journey. 

Cheers to a life full of health, love, and joy.

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