One Lovely Blog Award nomination!!

It is so exciting to be nominated for the One Lovely Blog award! Thanks to Grub-Tastic for the nomination! Grub-Tastic has a wonderful blog that you should check out. 

It is such an honor to be nominated, and per the nomination I’d like to share 10 other wonderful blogs that I would nominate for the award as well as 7 new fun facts about me. 🙂 

10 blogs
I like, nominate for the One Lovely Blog Award and recommend you check out:

Simply Splendid Food: Stop by here for beautiful photo and a great mix of recipes, travel and cooking tips!

Grub-Tastic : This sight shares tasty recipes and a charming journey of going paleo and feeling that I should have have high tea.

24 Hours in Today:  An inspiring challenge to live each day to the fullest, in the way you’d want to remember your life. Bright and beautiful pictures along with relatable stories make this blog a must-read 🙂

Pinkiebag–  consistent and good reviews on all things healthy living, from tea to bars to restaurants.

The Chicken Grandma: Full of hilarious light reads on rearing chicken and grandkids and healthy farm living. It makes me yearn for fresh eggs direct from the best and you get a sense of a strong and centered woman. Great chicken pics too 🙂

foodfulife: Beautifully lit dramatic photos of real whole food. They are just beautiful to look at 🙂

Food Booze and Reviews: Great looking dishes and photos to match, with a dash of sass. Plus who doesn’t love to read about great new restaurants!? I know I do 🙂 if anyone’s in the UK, be sure to check out Tom’s reviews!

Foodbod: Great healthy recipes with an Indian flare. I like to see the unique ways Elaine incorporates Asian influence into the dishes.

Funwithrickandjane:  I love this day to day chronicle of eating the whole 30 lifestyle. A simple reminder that healthy living is doable 🙂

Feeding Your Beauty:  Scrumptious looking recipes after my own heart: gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free. I think I’d have fun baking, cooking and eating with Larice!

7 things about me:

– I’ve always been obsessed with cooking! I started kneading bread in my high chair as a wee little one and even found a way to earn a Girl Scout badge by creating a 4 course meal including marinated tomatoes. 🙂

– My mom and I ran the gluten free cookie company Grain Free Planet before it was hip, way back in the aughts.

– I travel for work nearly every week, so a lot of my recipes and pics come from whatever is available in my Airbnb. It’s hard, but health is not completely evasive with a traveling lifestyle!

– I have a personal goal to visit a new country every year. I’ve been to 21 countries thus far!

– I am a Pisces, and despite being a science major, I still feel super connected to my zodiac. I’m two opposing forces searching for balance. In the food world that seems to mean very clean eating with a hefty side of pre-prohibition cocktails and the occasional Thai takeout. 

– Colorado is my home and my second love. I’ve always been a huge champion for the bestest state ever and am glad to have recently moved back.

– I spend more time than might be considered normal envisioning my perfect day (and trying to bring a bit of that perfect day into the everyday). It always involves being well rested, active, calm and enjoying time with friends and family over delicious food. 

My perfect day would look like this: After a beautiful 8-10 hr sleep, I’d wake up naturally from the sun and sip a delicious coffee or tea while reading the news and gazing out at a beautiful view. I’d make and enjoy a hearty breakfast, go for a walk, do yoga, stand-up paddle or snowboard depending on the season and then work for a few hours. Afterwards I’d wind down with a nice meal and some wine with good friends by the fire.

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  1. grubtasticuk says:

    You deserve the award. I’m very much enjoying reading through your recipes. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that!!

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