Jumpstart Clean Eating

with the 5 Day Clean Eating Challenge!

Tired of feeling sluggish and exhausted?

Or maybe you just want to stop carrying that extra COVID-15?
Want to finally not only get through your day but to THRIVE?

This 5-day clean eating program will jump-start your track to wellness so that vision can become your reality!

What You'll Get

All this is available right now for just $27!

Start now to get better health and jump into that clean lifestyle you've been looking for!

Week of Recipes

  • 5 full days of recipes with the complete grocery list ($97 value)

Lifestyle Tips

Tips on how to improve your holistic wellness from better to sleep to mindfulness ($50 value)

Food Philosophy

  • Information on the nutrition and food philosophy behind each recipe ($125 value)
  • Woman in Sun with dog
    MY NAME IS...
    Alicia Pope

    Nutrition nerd, recipe creator, and food lover! 

    I believe in the power of real food, sleep and a little daily self care to transform our lives, inside and out. And the power of puppy snuggles :)

    I also understand the real-life constraints of the real world and believe that balance and habit building are the only ways to make wellness stick!

    Find true wellness and unleash your path to a better, happier, and more sustainable life. 

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