Simple 5 Ingredient Egg Salad Kale Wraps

Growing up we only had egg salad sandwiches once a year, and that was obviously after the Easter Bunny dumped a ridiculous amount of hard-boiled eggs into our home. Don’t get me wrong, they are delicious. They just aren’t something I really crave on the daily. It probably has something to do with the fact that…

Beet and Dandelion Flatbread 

Some background on how we got to a cheese-less, gluten-free pizza: I love pizza! We aren’t talking a slice of cheese and pepperoni here. We are talking all the toppings, loaded with broccoli, everything on it, pizza masterpieces. It’s one thing to find those amazing delicacies when you just take out the gluten, but taking…

Awesome Kale Green Sauce!

We could all use more greens, am I right? Why not sneak ’em in where you’d least expect them? Like pizza sauce or a salad dressing! That’s right, this  Awesome Kale Green Sauce is just that… a sauce packed with delicious nutritious greens that you can sneak into your not-quite-as-healthy meals to give them that something extra….

Peaches n’ Kale Smoothie Bowl

Peaches n Kale Smoothie Bowl Recipe – A delicious peaches n’ cream smoothie bursting with antioxidants and protein. Topped with fruit and wholesome granola, it’s a perfect way to start the day or treat yourself at night.