Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs – Make your Own Food Dyes with Food!

I feel like food dye is most commonly found in frosting, and I just don’t make that much frosting. I’m gonna go ahead and call that a good thing, but ever since I saw a food network show with blueberry dyed frosting, I’ve been dying to try it. Plus, now that I’ve detoxed my life and cut…

Sprouted Harissa Hummus

Have you heard of Harissa? No? Well then prepare to have your mind… and taste buds… BLOWN with this Sprouted Harissa Hummus Recipe. Harissa is a north african red pepper spice mix with a smokey earthy flavor. It’s base is roasted red japone peppers and usually has garlic, salt, coriander, cumin and caraway. Its delicious…

Mint Chutney

Mint Chutney Recipe: 6 ingredients and 5 minutes

Bone Broth over Winter Greens (vegan option) 

Bone broth is excellent for your health and your gut, so it is a perfect meal to get your system back on track after a little over indulgence. It’s actually really easy to make as long as you can throw leftover bones into a pot with water and turn on the stove. Plus it’s an…

11 of the best healthy pumpkin recipes

Pumpkin season usually means pumpkin pies, lattes, whipped cream and sugar hangovers. But not this year! There are tons of absolutely amazing ways to enjoy pumpkin with no sugar, dairy or grain at all! From soups and curries to no bake bites, see how these awesomely creative and healthy pumpkin recipes can improve your holiday season….

Apple Butter

Butter on toast is a wonderful thing, or at least I kind of remember it being wonderful. It’s not really something that a gluten-free and dairy-free person gets to experience very often. However, sometimes I do spread coconut oil on gluten-free toast and it’s pretty delicious. I’d also heard of parsnip butter: pureed parsnips boiled…

Immune Boosting Chicken Vegetable Soup

If you’re ever feeling the hints of a cold, and you want to fight it off before it hits, this is your magic weapon: Immune Boosting Chicken Vegetable Soup. I don’t get sick anymore and it’s amazing! Well, at least when I am following my own advice I don’t get sick. Ever since I started…

Prosciutto Sweet Potato Breakfast Nests 

We are all busy, right? And we all want to find a way to still make healthy choices despite a loaded schedule. Making good choices in the morning can help you stay more alert and engaged throughout the day. There’s nothing better than a healthy, delicious and satisfying breakfast that not only tastes great, but…

Toasted Salted Pumpkin Seeds

Deliciously crisp and ridiculously easy recipe for roasted salted pumpkin seeds. Wash and strain seeds, season, dry and roast. Then crunch away and enjoy! – Plus – two secret tips for easier seeding and crispier seeds!

How to Freeze Peaches – a Step by Step Guide

Winter is coming and the harvest is in.  That means it’s the time of year where you need to eat it or save it. I know many folks are taking stock of their harvest and canning or freezing all sorts of fresh, delicious produce. Canning, freezing, pickling, fermenting: these are all wonderful ideas to save…

Chocolaty Coconut GORP // Hut Trips @ 10th mountain division

Chocolaty Coconut GORP recipe – This is a quick and easy make it yourself recipe for trail mix. Just get the four ingredients in the perfect proportions, mix together, and be on your way. Great for hikes, travel and just keeping on hand for when hunger strikes!

Peach Tomato Mint Salad Stacks

This healthy salad recipe will save you time and allow you to eat a delicious, fresh and gourmet tasting salad. Simply slice fresh peaches, tomatoes and cucumbers, stacking with mint to create this great appetizer, light meal or side salad. This will definitely be a recipe to impress your friends at your next barbq or family dinner!