Sprouted Harissa Hummus

Have you heard of Harissa? No? Well then prepare to have your mind… and taste buds… BLOWN with this Sprouted Harissa Hummus Recipe. Harissa is a north african red pepper spice mix with a smokey earthy flavor. It’s base is roasted red japone peppers and usually has garlic, salt, coriander, cumin and caraway. Its delicious…

Mint Chutney

Mint Chutney Recipe: 6 ingredients and 5 minutes

How to Freeze Peaches – a Step by Step Guide

Winter is coming and the harvest is in.  That means it’s the time of year where you need to eat it or save it. I know many folks are taking stock of their harvest and canning or freezing all sorts of fresh, delicious produce. Canning, freezing, pickling, fermenting: these are all wonderful ideas to save…

Chocolaty Coconut GORP // Hut Trips @ 10th mountain division

Chocolaty Coconut GORP recipe – This is a quick and easy make it yourself recipe for trail mix. Just get the four ingredients in the perfect proportions, mix together, and be on your way. Great for hikes, travel and just keeping on hand for when hunger strikes!

Peach Tomato Mint Salad Stacks

This healthy salad recipe will save you time and allow you to eat a delicious, fresh and gourmet tasting salad. Simply slice fresh peaches, tomatoes and cucumbers, stacking with mint to create this great appetizer, light meal or side salad. This will definitely be a recipe to impress your friends at your next barbq or family dinner!

Peaches n’ Kale Smoothie Bowl

Peaches n Kale Smoothie Bowl Recipe – A delicious peaches n’ cream smoothie bursting with antioxidants and protein. Topped with fruit and wholesome granola, it’s a perfect way to start the day or treat yourself at night.

Arugula + Micro Green Salad w/ Tomato and Avocado

Farmer’s markets mean crisp greens and new things. Try this fresh garden salad with spicy radish micro greens, fresh arugula and perfectly dressed tomato avocado. A perfect salad to celebrate fresh greens! And it is easy, and healthy, as always. Yumm!!

Cool Cucumber Avo Soup

A quick, simple and delicious cucumber avocado soup that cools you off and nourishes and hydrates your body on hot summer days.

Peach Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

This is one of my favorite times of year because Colorado’s very own Palisade peaches are in season!! They are the sweetest and most delicious peaches I’ve ever tasted and I can’t help myself from eating multiple per day. I was tempted to buy a whole crate of them at the farmers’ market yesterday, but…

Healthy Peanut Butter Cup Shake

Milkshakes used to be my Jam! I worked in an ice cream parlor all of high-school, for goodness sake. I might have grown a teeny-bit of an addiction to the stuff. There is something about the cool creamy consistency of a shake that I really love and can’t seem to give up. Even when I wasn’t on…

Shamrock Shake – au natural

Shamrock shakes are super interesting things. They are green; they are sweet; they are minty fresh. You can celebrate the Irish while also looking forward to spring which makes them perfect for March. But… I’m not quite sure what is in them… and that’s nothing to celebrate. So as I would LOVE to have a green…

Breakfast Bowls – Quick Paleo Solutions for the a.m.

Bowls have been very popular these days, whether it is quinoa bowls, whole grain bowls or cauliflower bowls. And there’s good reason. It’s basically taking a salad to the next level – to that place where you can really enjoy it and feel like you are eating something delicious and filling! But we need to see…

Cantaloupe Carpaccio

This is a great treat for an afternoon where you want something light, especially as the weather starts to warm up and we see hints of spring. The complex flavor of fig really adds to the dish, complementing the light and wispy flavor of the cantaloupe. And the sprouts add great texture.        Ingredients: 1/2 cantaloupe…

Day 15 – Will Power

The bad reaction and the thought of fewer foods made today one of the hardest yet of the cleanse. I’m a little over two weeks in and I found myself wanting everyone else’s food all day, and second guessing this plan. It started with not wanting anything for breakfast. Then grew throughout the day. Is…

Day 14 -My first negative reaction

Today was an exciting day because I got to introduce peppers. I love spicy peppers and almost all cuisines that include spicy peppers. How many delicious cuisines are based on them? Thai, Indian, Mexican… the list goes on. My stomach wasn’t feeling right over the weekend so I wasn’t a good control for adding the…