Best Denver Restaurants for Delicious (allergen friendly) Food

As much as I love to cook at home, I also enjoy a great night out letting the chefs take over. I often get asked about great places to eat in Denver so I thought I’d post them here for you to reference. All of these places are very friendly to allergies and food restrictions and are delicious! Further proof that cleaner healthier living does NOT have to be a sacrifice. Here’s my list of the Best Denver Restaurants for Delicious (allergen friendly) Food.

Do you have other favorites in Denver!? Post them in the comments! I’m always on the look out for new gluten free and paleo friendly restaurants to add to my list of  the best Denver restaurants for delicious allergen friendly food.

Best Denver Restaurants for Delicious Allergen Friendly Food

For a Fancy Night Out:

I would recommend checking out Beast + Bottle. It’s great. This is more for a fancy night out, but it’s worth every penny. The food is exquisite, the menu changes seasonally, and I can’t recommend the wine pairing enough.

For Happy Hour:

Linger is in LoHi and offers great city views from the patio. It has a chill atmosphere and great food and drink. It’s also a great jumping off point for dinner either at Linger or the many other hip restaurants around nearby. Bonus: the restaurant is in a returned mortuary- they still use the old sign. Super cool.

A little farther north in Highlands is Old Major. It has paleo options, great cocktails, killer charcuterie and a good patio.

Recess is a great outdoorsy bar. It’s like the new forest room five,  or older, depending on if your discussing tenure or average age of clientel 😉 There are fire pits and lawn games and it feels like adult recess.

For Burgers:

The Federal is the fanciest and healthiest dive bar I’ve ever seen. With two Celiac owners they are completely respectful of all allergens and take it very seriously with dedicated  separate fryers for the gluten free items and even calling the bakery to confirm ingredients for a friend’s rare allergies. I go here all the time. Get the ghost curry wings or the pork Bahn mi burger on a GF bun with sweet potato fries.

Park Burger is also fabulous. I love it! They have great burger and shake combos, the fries are borderline addictive, and they always have great new specials. The buns are gluten free and they’ll guide you through the menu.


Vital Root, owned by the same owners as Root Down and Linger, is a plant based restaurant specializing in slow food fast. Try the plantain kabobs, beet ravioli or awesome smoothies.


Root Down is classic favorite. It has healthily prepared delicious food. A great range of drinks, both adult and detox friendly. Bonus: they also have an airport location.

Populist is in Rino and is also good choice. New American small plates. With this option you could pop-over to the urban winery Infinite Monkey Theorem for a couple of glasses of wine in their posh tasting room. Or go to Work & Class for a drink with a cool vibe.


For quick lunch ideas I like Protein Bar. The bowls are plant forward and fresh, making keeping you light and feeling good after lunch. They have 4 Colorado locations including Glenarm, Boulder and Downtown.

The Kitchen Next Door has a dedicated gluten free fryer, gluten free bread and delicious naturally gluten free foods like kale chips and hearty plant forward bowls.

Five on Black is a new fast dining casual restaurant downtown. Their entire Brazilian menu is gluten free, even the biscuits. And everything is dairy free except the biscuits.


For downtown breakfasts, check out Snooze and Syrup. Snooze has an assortment of gluten free benedicts and killer hash. They also have a bunch of locations all over the city and in some other states. They started here though! I recommend checking them out in Union Station because that’s just a cool spot to be.

 Coffee Shops: 

Mmm…Coffee is a paleo coffee-lovers dream. Or really a dream for anyone gluten, dairy, soy and refined sugar free. They have pastries that are made from almond butter and dates that taste amazing and they make their own almond and coconut milk. Go there! Everyday!

2914 Coffee in Jefferson park is cute and adorable. They also always have gluten free pumpkin bread and almond milk.

Best Allergen-Friendly Denver Restuarants
Best restaurants in Denver for those with allergens: Find restaurants that are conscientious and respectful of food allergies and preferences, offering gluten free, dairy free and paleo options. Celiac friendly restaurants.

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  1. Kristin Paulson says:

    For coffee shops, be sure to check out Hooked on Colfax too! Great coffee, and both gluten-free and paleo-friendly treats. The kitchen isn’t dedicated GF, but they take things seriously. I’m a pretty sensitive Celiac and I’ve never had a problem there. Great happy hour too for when it’s time to switch from coffee to something stronger 🙂

    1. Alicia says:

      Great recommendation! I’ve been wanting to check that place out 🙂 Thanks Kristin!!

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